Top 3 Best LED Lanterns for Emergency Power Outages [Reviewed]

Have you ever faced any difficult situation on your night camping trip? It’s very common to have problems on camping in the night. There’s a lot of reason behind this.

You should always keep all the necessary gears with you. In the last article I tried to show you my camping gear checklist. In that article I mentioned LED Lantern. Now, there’s a huge number of LED lantern available on market. If you are a new buyer of lantern you will definitely become confused. So, I decided to write a complete guideline on that particular topic.

best led lantern for power outages

In this article I will be sharing top 3 best LED lantern for power outages. I think it will help you to find a good quality lantern for your regular night camping.

Top 3 Best LED Lantern for Emergency Power Outages

It’s very necessary for every night camper to have a LED lantern. Camping in night needs a lot of preparation. And proper lighting is one of them. A lantern can do most of your lighting very easily and efficiently. Here I will review top 3 best LED lantern in this article. If you want to have more options feel free to check this – For now, I am going to show you my top 3 favorite LED lantern. Hope you must like these.

Here’s my list of the best LED lantern that you can consider to buy in 2018 –

Etekcity LED Lantern

Etekcity LED Lantern

When it comes to pick the best one among all LED lantern, I must suggest you to go for Etekcity LED lantern. There’s a lot of reason behind this. First of all, these lanterns are the cheapest one in the market. The brightness and overall customer feedback is really great.

The Etekcity LED lantern comes with the feature of 360 degree lighting. It runs on normal battery which you can buy from your nearest shop. Average run time in 10 hours and more. I loved this lanterns because of its portability and long lasting construction.

Streamlight LED Lantern

Streamlight LED Lantern

Streamlight is one of the leading brand that manufactures great quality LED lantern. These lanterns are great in looking and providing long lasting service. Like other LED lamp it is very portable and easy to carry. The build quality is really fantastic. This lantern provides 360 degree of ultra-brightness and runs a lot of time on the batteries.

GearLight LED Lantern

Finally, the GearLight LED lanterns are my favorite one. Gearlight is a leading manufacturer of outdoor gears. They have a good reputation in the market. The LED lanterns that they made are really great in looking. All the necessary features like – portable, durable, good brightness, long lasting batteries etc. are available on this LED lantern. The price is also very reasonable and anyone can afford it.

Here’s an unboxing video of Gearlight LED Lantern –


I always take LED lantern on my night camping trip. I also keep this on my home for emergency lighting. When you are in a difficult situation on night, a LED lantern can help you a lot. The above listed lanterns are good for any kind of home or outdoor use. I hope you will be able to find the best LED lantern from the above list.

My Complete Night Camping Gear Checklist

camping ckecklist

I love camping in the night most. Whenever I get time for myself, I just pack my gears and go for a camping trip.

I already traveled a lot of places here in North America. Every time when I go on a camping trip, I take some of the common camping gear with me. I usually pack these gears before going to the trip.

Today I will be sharing my camping gear list with you. I hope it will be helpful for every camper to decide which gear they need to take or not.

My Camping Gear Checklist

Let’s get into the gear list that I usually keep with me when I go on a camping over-night –

Waterproof Camping tent

camping tent

The first thing I keep in my mind is camping tent. You can’t take a sound sleep without having a good quality tent. The reason why I mention the waterproof tent is – Weather is always uncertain. You can never say when it will become good or bad. Waterproof tent gives you extra protection on rain. So, I always try to make my tent waterproof.

Sleeping bag

sleeping bag

For a sound sleep, sleeping bag is a must for every camper. I usually take sleeping bag alongside my tent. This is because, both tent and sleeping bag are the fundamental elements for camping on night. Without a good sleeping bag, nobody can enjoy the night. Therefore, sleeping bag also help you to keep dry and hot during rain or cold weather.

Lantern or Flashlight for Emergency Lighting


Now this is not the fundamental element. I take this for my personal security. There’s a lot of alternative to this. But you must have to ensure proper lighting on your camping area. Lanterns are useful for doing this easily. There are various types of lanterns available on market. Just go and pick any one for your camping trip.

Dry foods

It’s very usual to become hungry on mid night. So, I always take dry foods with me for mid night. I think keeping foods is a smart idea for every camper.


camping backpack

Lastly, the backpack. I pack all my gears into a single backpack. If you have a lot of items to pack, you should get a large backpack. Having single backpack is very necessary for camping. This not only give you comfort of carrying but also help you to keep all the elements in one place.


There’s some other elements that I pack in my gear bag. But the above listed five elements are the must have gears that I take in all of my camping trip. Let’s sum up the gears –

  • You have to take a camping tent for the night camping. You can wither take a heavy duty tent or a waterproof tent. I prefer waterproof tent.
  • After that you need to have a good sleeping bag. You can also pick a sleeping pad instead of sleeping bag.
  • For emergency lighting, you should keep something always in your hand. I like to take lanterns. Mostly the LED lanterns. These are very handy and suitable for instant lighting.
  • Finally you need to keep all the elements in a single bag. I like to take a large size backpack for this purpose.

I hope the above listed camping gear checklist will help you a lot for your upcoming camping trip.

Here’s a video on how to set up a camp at night. Hope this will help you to get some new tricks.

If you enjoy my article feel free to share with the other people. I must appreciate our initiative of sharing knowledge with other people.

Have a great camping night.